Leave of Absence Requests


Due to many unforeseen circumstances, students may choose to request a leave of absence from EMCC.

Students who wish to do so must complete an Application for Leave of Absence [pdf] and return it to the Office of Institutional Research and Student Data.

Eastern Maine Community College cannot guarantee re-entry into a high demand technology for those students taking a leave of absence. Re-entry into technology courses is on a space-available basis.

Students must request to return to EMCC by contacting the Enrollment Center. This request must be made 60 days prior to the beginning of the semester of re-enrollment. If a student does not return to EMCC by the ending date of the approved leave, the student will be required to reapply for admission.

Students who are out on leave may be required to take new or additional courses if courses are added or changed in a technology during the student’s leave of absence.

Download a printable Application for Leave of Absence [pdf].