How to Apply

General Applicant

Admission Policy

Eastern Maine Community College requires applicants to have earned a high school diploma or state high school equivalency certificate (GED/HiSET). Algebra I is required for admission into all programs. In addition, applicants must meet all other program-specific requirements. The College maintains a “rolling admissions” policy for most programs, allowing candidates to apply and be considered for acceptance until the programs are filled with qualified students. However, applicants are advised to apply early because of competition for programs and limited enrollment capacities.

Due to the competitive nature of the  Medical Radiography and Nursing programs, a “selective admissions” policy is followed. Applicants to these programs are strongly encouraged to apply early as the selection process begins in November and the deadline is to apply is December 30 each year. (Applicants have until February 1 to submit required application documentation.)

Application Procedures

Timeline: Although applications for admission may be submitted no earlier than one year prior to the starting date of the program, applicants are advised to apply early because of strict enrollment capacities and competition for programs.

Applications received within fourteen (14) calendar days of the official start of each semester will be reviewed for the next available semester. Limited exceptions may be made for certain programs at the discretion of the College.

How To Apply

Applicants may apply in one of three ways:

  1. Online:  Click Here to access the MyEMCC portal.  Scroll down to  Apply Online to begin your application.
  2. By mail: Contact the Admissions Office at 207-974-4680 or to have an application mailed to your home or download a printable application from the Admissions Forms and Resources page that you can print, complete, and mail in.
  3. In person: Stop by the Admissions Office in Katahdin Hall—354 Hogan Rd., Bangor, ME 04401. Our office is open 8 am to 5 pm, Monday–Friday.


Applications will be evaluated after the Admissions Office has received the following information:

  • Completed “Application for Admission” with essay (if applicable) and a non-refundable $20 application fee (waived if applying online).
  • Official high school and/or adult education transcript(s) for all years attended sent directly from the high school/adult education provider.
  • GED/HiSET test results (if applicable) sent directly from the Department of Education in the state issuing the exam.
  • Transcript(s) of all previous college work sent directly from each institution attended.  Regardless of whether transfer credit is being sought, applicants must disclose all prior colleges attended. Failure to furnish all information on past education may constitute adequate reason for disqualification of your acceptance or subsequent dismissal from the College as well as possible retraction or denial of financial aid funds.
  • Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) scores sent directly from the College Board or the high school for applicants who will graduate or have graduated from high school within the previous three years.
  • Two recommendations sent directly from the evaluator for applicants to the Medical Assisting, Medical Radiography, Nursing, and Surgical Technology programs.
  • Attendance at one of several information sessions will be required for Medical Assistant, Medical Radiography, Nursing and Surgical Technology applicants. Sessions are set up by the appropriate admissions committee and applicants are notified.
  • Preadmission test results for applicants to the Medical Radiography and Nursing programs. Students seeking admission to the Medical Radiography program are required to take the Health Occupations Aptitude Exam at a cost of $30. Students seeking admission to the Nursing program are required to take the Kaplan pre-entrance exam at a cost of $20.
  • Pre-admission testing may also be required for other programs at the discretion of the Admissions Committee.

Criminal Background Screening

All applicants to Medical Assistant Technology, Medical Radiography, Nursing and Surgical Technology who are offered admission will be required to submit to a national criminal background screening process at their expense within 30 days of acceptance.

Applicants who have engaged in any activity or behavior which may be considered abuse, neglect or exploitation of a minor or of an incapacitated or dependent adult, or who has been convicted of any crime involving fraud or dishonesty, or drugs, or for which imprisonment of one year or more has been imposed are urged to seek clarification regarding program completion requirements from the Director of Admissions prior to application submission.

Click this link for the complete Criminal Background Screening policy.

International Applicants

Eastern Maine Community College is authorized under federal law to enroll non-immigrant students. Applicants who are citizens of countries other than the United States are expected to submit the same credentials as other applicants, including transcripts of courses taken and examination results. If the documents are not in English, they must be accompanied by an English translation certified by a recognized agency that specializes in evaluation of foreign educational documents. EMCC recommends World Educational Services to obtain an international educational credential evaluation.

Bowling Green Station
PO Box 5087
New York, NY 10274-5087

If English is not the applicant’s native language, EMCC requires a Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) score of 530 paper/197 computer based/71 Internet based (iBT).

Homeschooled Applicants

Homeschoolers are required to submit an official school transcript or an annual assessment of courses completed and one of the following: SAT, ACT or GED/HiSET results.

Career Studies Applicants

Prior to completing an application, persons interested in the Career Studies program should meet with the Department Chair of the Career Studies program at Eastern Maine Community College, to determine the specific, individual requirements for this degree.

Admissions Status

Eastern Maine Community College determines the admissions status for applicants by considering the following criteria:

  • high school transcript or GED/HiSET, including scores;
  • academic performance in prerequisites in the program of study;
  • class standing;
  • accumulative grade point average;
  • recommendations – level of motivation, aptitude, character and interests;
  • results of Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) of the College Board or other admissions tests, if applicable.

Acceptance Procedures

  1. All applicants will be notified of admissions status as early as possible after the applications have been completed.
  2. To hold a place in the entering class, accepted students must pay a tuition deposit (currently $75) to the Business Office. This deposit is applied to the first semester’s tuition. In order to receive a refund of this deposit, applicants must submit a written request to withdraw the application prior to May 1 for fall enrollment and prior to September 15 for spring enrollment. After these dates, the tuition deposit is non-refundable.
  3. Accepted students wishing to live in a residence hall must submit a room deposit of $100 with the residence hall application. This deposit is credited to the first semester’s residence hall bill. In order to receive a refund of this deposit, applicants must submit a written request prior to July 1 for fall enrollment and prior to September 15 for spring enrollment.

Placement Testing

Because of its commitment to student success, Eastern Maine Community College utilizes placement testing using a computerized placement testing (CPT) system called Accuplacer. Accepted students are required to take this computerized placement test so that the college may determine appropriate placement in math, writing and reading. Individuals who, within the past three years, have already taken the Eastern Maine Community College Admissions Test are excluded from testing; similarly, applicants with transfer credit for comparable coursework or SATs above the required cut score may also be excluded, as determined by the Admissions Office.

Applications For Readmission

As stated in the 2017-2018 College Catalog

Matriculated students who do not enroll in program-specific courses each consecutive semester until the completion of all program requirements may be withdrawn from their program as a result of the break in attendance. Students who have been withdrawn, otherwise in good standing with Eastern Maine Community College, are asked to discuss their intent to re-enroll with an Admissions Counselor. Students may be required to complete an Application for Readmission. Re-entry into certain courses and/or programs will be on a space available basis.

Matriculated students who have taken a leave of absence, including military leave; have been dismissed from Eastern Maine Community College for academic or disciplinary reasons; or have not enrolled in program-specific courses for more than two consecutive semesters may seek readmission to the same program under the following provisions. The catalog in force at the time of readmission will be used to determine program requirements. Students shall be subject to all rules and regulations effective at EMCC at the time of, or subsequent to, readmission. Re-entry into certain courses and/or programs will be on a space available basis. Students seeking readmission must:

  • submit an Application for Readmission along with a non-refundable $20 reapplication fee (this fee is waived for students returning from a leave of absence, including military leave);
  • meet the admissions requirements (including prerequisites for individual courses) which apply to the program at the time of readmission;
  • send official transcripts for all courses taken since attending EMCC (all previous academic transcripts will be required if the student is returning after five years);
  • be recommended for readmission by the Readmission Team.
  • In addition to the above-stated requirements, applicants who have been dismissed from EMCC must also submit an essay outlining what steps were taken since dismissal from the College to ensure academic success upon return to the environment.

Student material may be reviewed by a Readmission Team comprised of program faculty, the Director of Admissions, and the Academic Dean. This Team will review all materials and may request additional information from other EMCC faculty and staff and/or the applicant. An interview with the Readmission Team and/or references may be required. The student will be notified of the decision via letter from the Director of Admissions.

Any one or more of the following are examples of reasons that a request for readmission to Eastern Maine Community College may not be granted; there may be other reasons not listed.

  • Lack of available space in the program.
  • More than one dismissal from EMCC.
  • Prior disruptive and/or damaging behavior.
  • Failure to demonstrate adequate personal improvement since dismissal.
  • Overdue balance owed to EMCC.