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Eastern Maine Community College Scholarship Applications

Eastern Maine Community College Foundation Scholarships

Bangor Federal Credit Union Student Support Scholarship – The Bangor Federal Credit Union Student Support Scholarship is a partnership between EMCC and Bangor Federal Credit Union to provide financial support to students attending Eastern Maine Community College. Recipients must demonstrate an emergency financial need. Student is strongly encouraged to give back to their communities by being actively involved in service projects.

Oakhurst Dairy Scholarship


General Scholarships

Maine Community Foundation Scholarships – Over $2 million is awarded each year from more than 450 scholarship funds.  Scholarship listings are organized by Maine county as well as type (adult learner, high school student, aspirational).  Applications are available online

MES Maine Education Services – Their mission is to help Maine students achieve success in their higher education goals.  They manage many internal and external scholarship programs for Maine students.  Applications are available on their site.

Maine Competitive Skills Scholarship Program – designed to help qualified Maine residents learn new skills and succeed in a changing economy.

The Mitchell Scholarship – awarded to graduating seniors from Maine’s public high schools

Scholarship Searches Scholarships are offered by community and civic organizations, corporate and not for profit sponsors, as well as workplace benefits for employees.  There are  numerous sites on the internet where students can search for additional scholarships and there should be no cost to the student to complete a scholarship search. “No Cost” web based scholarship searches include: