EMS Applicant

Visit the EMCC/Atlantic Partners EMS website  www.apems.org (Phone 207-974-4880)

General Information

The EMS program provides individuals who work with ambulance services, rescue squads, fire services, and other first responder organizations the opportunity to earn an associate in applied science degree.  The Intermediate Pathway is designed for individuals who are currently licensed (or licensable) as EMT-Basics and the Advanced Life Skills Pathway is designed for individuals who are currently licensed as EMT-Intermediates.

Program Prerequisites

The following courses/requirements must be completed prior to the application deadline.

  • for EMS Intermediate Pathway:  EMT-Basic Licensure or eligibility to become licensed
  • for Advanced Life Skills Pathway:  EMT-Intermediate Licensure prior to EMS Paramedic Pathway coursework beginning

Application Deadlines

Because the start dates of the EMS-Intermediate and EMS-Paramedic classes do not follow the traditional academic calendar established by Eastern Maine Community College, the admission timeline and application deadlines differ from those established for other programs offered at EMCC.  Applications for the EMS program will be accepted as follows:

  • EMS-Intermediate Pathway–>

Applications open July 14, 2014, and close August 22, 2014. All application documentation must be submitted to the Admissions Office by August 22. Please note that this class is being held at the Charleston Fire Dept beginning October 15, 2014, and running through January 28, 2015, on Wednesdays from 8 am to 4 pm.

  • Advanced Life Skills (Paramedic)–>

Applications for this pathway are currently not being accepted. Contact Atlantic Partners for information on the next tentative paramedic course timeline.

Required Application Documentation and Selection Materials

All forms referenced below can be found on the Admissions Forms and Resources page.

All applicants should request an EMS application packet from the EMCC Admissions Office or print the materials from the link above.  Required application documentation which will be used in the selection process which must be sent directly to the EMCC Admissions Office includes:

  • Application including $20 fee. Either print from from the Forms and Resources page above or click here to apply online;
  • All previous transcripts (high school, adult education and college and universities);  Regardless of whether transfer credit is being sought, applicants must disclose all prior colleges attended. Failure to furnish all information on past education may constitute adequate reason for disqualification of your acceptance or subsequent dismissal from the College as well as possible retraction or denial of financial aid funds.
  • EMS Evaluation Packet including confidential recommendations from 1) your service chief or work supervisor; 2) your most recent EMS instructor, service training officer, or service medical director; and 3) a personal reference who can reasonably comment on your abilities.  Applicants must provide each evaluator with the evaluation form and an addressed envelope which should be returned by the evaluator to the EMCC Admissions Office.  Note: It is the applicant’s responsibility to assure that the evaluators have submitted the evaluations to the Admissions Office before the admission deadline (see above). Incomplete applications will not be considered.
  • Pre-Entrance Exams. Applications are required to pass a WritePlacer and a Reading Comprehension Exam and a Medical Knowledge Exam (see below) as part of the application process.  Applicants must call the Admissions Office before the application deadline at 207-974-4680 to schedule the Accuplacer WritePlacer and Reading Comprehension Exams.

Medical Knowledge Exam

The Medical Knowledge Exam is based upon a standard study guide reference.  The reference for the this cycle is Brady 12th edition chapters 4,5 & 6. The text can be downloaded for free by clicking hereIf applicants do not have a copy of this text, please notify the Atlantic Partners EMS (APEMS) Office for a copy of the referenced materials.  All test questions will be drawn from this material.  The Medical Knowledge Exam for:

  • EMT Intermediate applicants will be scheduled for Monday, August 25, 2014, at 5 pm in Penobscot Hall, Room 217.
  • Advanced Life Skills (Paramedic) no test scheduled at this time.

Selection Timeline and Process

The selection process used for the EMS program involves an objective assessment of each applicant’s documentation including prerequisite coursework, pre-admission test results, essay and references.

The Intermediate courses are scheduled to begin in October; selection of candidates will be made in as soon as practical.

The Paramedic courses typically begin in August; selection of candidates will be announced as soon as practical.

Individuals accepted for either the Intermediate or Paramedic pathway will have the option of matriculating or attending EMCC as a non-degree student.