Academic Probation & Dismissal

Academic Probation 

Academic Probatio is a means of identifying those students who are in academic jeopardy, and must show academic improvement in order to continue their studies. Probationary status will be determined by cumulative GPA’s below 2.0 for 12 credit hours or more of course work. Probationary status is removed when students raise their GPA to 2.0 or better.

Students will be sent notification of probationary status and must meet with the Academic Dean at the beginning of the next semester. The Academic Dean may impose conditions that are academically appropriate for continuation of studies. In addition, the student’s permanent records will carry the words “Academic Probation” with the semester of probation.

Academic Dismissal

Matriculated students will be dismissed for failure to earn minimum acceptable cumulative grade point averages:

  • 1.50 or less for 12 to 23 credit hours carried,
  • 1.74 or less for 24-35 credit hours carried,
  • 1.90 or less for 36-47 credit hours carried,
  • 1.99 or less for 48 credit hours carried, to the end of the program.

Students who fail to meet the minimum requirements specified by a particular department for a major but who have minimum acceptable cumulative grade point averages as indicated above will be dismissed from the major, but may apply for admission to a different major.

Students who have withdrawn from the same course more than twice are required to meet with the Academic Dean. If appropriate, the Dean may choose to dismiss the student.

Students may also be dismissed for violations of the Code of Student Conduct.