Resident meal plans

Each student that lives in the residence halls is enrolled in a 7 Day Resident Meal Plan at a cost of $2,200. Residents do have the option to select a 5 Day Resident Meal Plan (Monday-Friday) at a cost of $1,750.  This reduced plan is to accommodate individuals who do not frequently use the dining hall on weekends. If you are interested in this option, complete the Alternate Resident Meal Plan form and return it to the Director of Residential Life (Room 105-Maine Hall) or to the Business Offiice in Maine Hall.  Students choosing not to take the Alternate Resident Meal Plan will continue to be billed for the Gold Meal Plan.  The Gold Meal Plan is a 7 day meal plan and is designed for students living in college housing who stay weekends.

Both the 5 day and 7 day meal plans are honored during all hours in the McCorkill Dining Hall in Katahdin Hall during the days they cover.  Please keep in mind that there are no refunds.  Meals are served only during the regular academic year.

Alternate Meal Plan Spring 14