Counseling Services

Fully aware that the value of the college experience for students is greatly affected by personal problems, needs, and interests, the administration and faculty regard counseling services as an integral part of the total educational program. Our faculty make a conscientious effort to get to know and to treat students as individuals. The following counseling services are available to our students:

Personal Counseling

Student Support Services Counseling is Eastern Maine Community College’s free and confidential counseling service for students. We strive to attend to the mental health needs of EMCC students while also providing outreach, education, consultation, and crisis management for the larger EMCC community. The counseling office is located in Maine  Hall, room 124. For more information about the services available, please see the Student Support Services Counseling Page.

Academic Counseling

For help with any problems you may have with your academic work, you should see your advisor, your instructors, a member of the Academic Support Center staff, or the Academic Dean. For more information about the services available, please visit our Academic Support Service Page.

Career Counseling

Eastern Maine Community College does not currently have a career placement office. The College does, however, announce employment opportunities on the College website — The College offers no guarantee of employment; however, faculty often work with students to secure employment within their technologies. Graduates assume the responsibility for their own searches.

Faculty Counseling & Advising

All matriculated students are assigned a faculty advisor or core of advisors to review curricular and scholastic standing. Advisors also assist students with adjusting to college or refer them to appropriate College personnel for assistance. If you have not been assigned a faculty advisor, contact your department chairperson.