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What is Stormwater Pollution?

Did you know that stormwater pollution is one of the leading causes of water quality problems in the State of Maine?

Stormwater is rain or snowmelt that does not soak into the ground, and when it runs off our lawns, driveways, parking lots, and roads it picks up pollutants such as gas and oil, excess fertilizer and pesticides, as well as pet waste, litter, and even food products that have been spilled on the ground. Stormwater carries these pollutants, untreated, into the Penjajawoc Stream.

EMCC operates under a General Permit for the Discharge of Stormwater from Small Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems (MS4 Permit). The campus has a total land area of approximately 70 acres and is entirely within the Urbanized Area of the City of Bangor. A majority of runoff from the EMCC campus drains eventually to the Penjajawoc Stream. The Penjajawoc is listed as an urban impaired stream by the state and is a primary focus of EMCC’s stormwater management efforts.

EMCC participates as a member of the local Bangor Area Stormwater Group (BASWG), which is composed of twelve regulated MS4s in the Bangor area.  This partnership with BASWG has given EMCC an advantage when it comes to broadening education and outreach on campus. Each year EMCC steps up its engagement by leveraging social media, and adopting specific best management practices to minimize stormwater pollution potential from the campus. EMCC consistently maintains its commitment to protecting the environment.

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