Student Directory Exclusion

Student Directory Exclusion

Eastern Maine Community College produces a Student Directory each semester which contains a listing of students’:

  • Name
  • Current Address
  • Phone Number
  • Major
  • Grade Level
  • Date of Birth
  • Enrollment Status

This directory is made available to the general public. In accordance with the Buckley Amendment and the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (Public Law 93-380) of 1974 you can request that you will not be listed in the directory.

By making this request, the Director of Institutional Research and Student Data will deny any request from parents, relatives, friends, student organizations, and others who may wish to contact a student. ONLY in EMERGENCY situations will the Director of Institutional Research and Student Data release information concerning the student’s whereabouts to anyone other than those persons authorized under the act.

If you do not wish to be included in the directory, download and complete a Student Directory Exclusion Form[pdf] and return it to the Office of Institutional Research and Student Data prior to the end of the fifth week of the semester.