Criminal Justice Mock Trial

Criminal Justice Students Stage Mock Trial

Students enrolled in Criminal Procedure and Report Writing and Testifying courses took part in a mock trial at the Penobscot Judicial Center. Each student was tasked with testifying on the stand to the contents of a police report they wrote earlier in the semester. Reports were done on a... Read more >

Cruiser Donation webpage

Bangor Police Department Donates Cruiser to EMCC

In support of Eastern Maine Community College’s Criminal Justice Program, the Bangor Police Department has donated a decommissioned patrol cruiser for instructional use on campus.  The donation was proposed by Chief Mark Hathaway, who is a member of the EMCC Criminal Justice Advisory Board, after discussions with Criminal Justice Department... Read more >


EMCC Receives Ambulance Box Donation

Eastern Maine Community College received the donation of an ambulance box for its new Public Safety Building at 312 Hogan Road. The donation was made possible by Ron Morin, Med Care Ambulance, Sugarloaf Amublance/Rescue, and Atlantic Partners EMS. Collin Enterprises provided transportation for the ambulance to the EMCC... Read more >

I am a commuter. Can I buy a meal plan with my financial aid?

EMCC has instituted the Declining Balance Meal Plan. This is a prepaid plan. This program consists of a declining balance which can be used to purchase items from the dining service. Commuters using their financial aid can purchase two (2) types of commuter meal plans with financial aid funds... Read more >

What is a Commuter Meal Plan?

The “Declining Balance Meal Plans” will be honored during all open hours in the McCorkill Dining Room, located in Katahdin Hall. The dining services’ purpose is to provide you with access to our dining program. McCorkill Dining Room offers a varied menu that includes hot entrees, a vegetarian entree... Read more >

Can I buy books with my financial aid?

Books and supplies can be purchased at the Bookstore with financial aid funds, provided that the student’s financial aid funds exceed the student’s tuition, fees, and room and board charges. Students must fill out a Bookstore Credit Application first. This form is available in the Student Accounts Office in... Read more >

How will I know if I have a refund?

Student refunds are processed as funds become available. Refund checks will be processed approximately five weeks into the semester. Refunds will be mailed to the student’s permanent home address. Read more >

Is there a charge for returned/bounced checks?

Yes, the Business Office will assess a $25.00 fee for all returned checks. Read more >

What happens if I do not keep up with my payment arrangement?

Students who fail to follow their scheduled payment plan arrangements will be terminated from the installment plan and the balance on the account will be due in full. A late fee of $50.00 will be applied to accounts where payment has not been received. The College is authorized to... Read more >

How do I apply for a payment plan arrangement?

To apply for a payment plan, you’ll need to contact Student Accounts and request an Installment Payment Plan Application, or click on the link below and print the Payment Plan Application. You’ll need to complete and sign the application. Then submit the application, along with the first payment &... Read more >