If a student attended our college eight years ago and did not do well, do we have to consider those grades when determining the student’s eligibility?

MAYBE. According to the Phi Theta Kappa Constitution, studies taken more than five years ago need not be considered when determining membership eligibility. However, the college administration has the prerogative of increasing the number of years which must elapse for waiving course consideration to any period beyond five years. Read more >

Can a community college student who has already earned a degree be a member?

YES. A student with a degree who is enrolled at the community college is eligible for membership if that student completes at least 12 hours of associate degree course work with the required cumulative GPA at the two-year college he or she is presently attending. Read more >

Can transfer hours from other colleges be considered when determining membership eligibility?

MAYBE. Grades for courses taken at another institution may be considered when determining membership eligibility if this procedure is acceptable to the institution the student is currently attending. The decision should be addressed in the chapter’s bylaws. However, while grades may be considered, the student... Read more >

Are international students, those who are citizens of countries other than the United States or Canada, eligible?

YES. International students attending college on a United States student visa and possessing full rights of citizenship of their country (just as citizens of the United States and Canada must) are eligible for membership. Read more >

Are students pursuing certificate programs rather than associate degree programs eligible for membership?

MAYBE. A certificate student may be eligible for membership if the student has accumulated at least 12 hours of course work that could be applied toward an associate degree at the two-year college where the student is currently enrolled. Read more >

Are students who are enrolled in associate degree programs eligible if they do not plan to actually complete their associate degree, but instead plan to simply transfer to a senior institution?

YES. A student need not necessarily be planning to receive an associate degree, as long as he or she has accumulated at least 12 hours of course work that could be applied toward an associate degree where the student is currently enrolled. Therefore, students taking basic... Read more >

Are part-time students eligible?

YES. According to the International Constitution and Bylaws, part-time students may be eligible IF they have accumulated the number of hours over two or more academic terms used by your institution to denote full-time status (usually 12 hours on a semester system). The decision to... Read more >

At what point does a student officially become a member?

A student becomes a member when their membership application has been approved and membership fees have been paid. The Society’s induction requirement is met when the student signs the Membership Oath which appears on the membership application. A student must be recorded as a member... Read more >