Bradley Tuttle

Eastern Maine Community College Nursing Student - Brad Read more >


Five EMCC Students Off to Top Tier Schools

It’s not unheard of for EMCC graduates to continue their education at top notch schools but this year five students are heading to selective institutions. Two international students Wook Heo and Hyungik “Josh” Jeon who are enrolled in EMCC’s Integrative English Training Program have been accepted into Vassar’s... Read more >


Changsu Lee

Eastern Maine Community College Integrative English Training Program - Chagsu Read more >

EMCC's Student of the Year

Shauna Strattonmeier

Eastern Maine Community College Liberal Studies - Shaunna Read more >


Up close

Automotive student Philip Albert inspects the rear suspension of his Blazer. Read more >

Heather McGlauflin

Heather McGlauflin

I am a bicentennial baby, born on March 2 at Saint Joseph’s Hospital in Bangor, Maine. My parents divorced when I was 2.5 years old. As a child I watched my mother work full-time while continuing her education. I saw that with hard work and perseverance, anything is possible... Read more >


Can I sell you a

Marketing student Christine Lumino peddles during the Business Management program’s annual fair showcasing students’ original products and marketing plans. Read more >


Reading in the original

Liberal Studies student Andrew White reads one of his poems during a poetry reading on Tech Day, an EMCC annual day of community building and civic engagement. Read more >


Medical Assistant

Medical Assistants are multi-skilled allied health professionals specifically trained to work in ambulatory settings such as physicians’ offices, clinics, and group practices, performing administrative and clinical procedures. Students are provided with extensive hands-on training in both entry level and advanced medical assistant competencies in... Read more >

Stephen McCarron

Stephen McCarron

I went to work in construction right out of high school. I got a lot of good experience with heavy equipment but I also wasn’t going to be able to go anywhere in the field without a degree. I knew I needed to go back to school in order... Read more >