Energy & Weatherization Training


EMCC is home to the Energy Auditor and Weatherization Training Laboratory, which allows for education in the science of evaluating, diagnosing, and installing residential building systems. The lab can be used to create reports and documentations that make recommendations for weatherization and energy improvements, including financial benefits and payback. Access to specialized diagnostic equipment, such as an infrared camera and blower door, aid in the conduction of these assessments.

The Center for Business and Industry offers a non-credit BPI training that is part of EMCC’s Building Construction Program. The training is a full two weeks (80 hours) and consists of both classroom lectures and field audits. Upon successful completion, participants are qualified to sit for the BPI, Building Analyst Certification examinations.

EMCC is also a certified BPI Test Center. To schedule an examination, please call 974-4869. Rates are as follows: $275 for a written exam
$475 for a field exam

Course subject matter for BPI training is as follows:

  • Building History
  • Building Science Fundamentals
  • Energy Movement
  • Building Systems
  • Measurement and Verification of Building Performance/Efficiency
  • Projecting Building Performance/Efficiency Based on Proposed Improvements
  • Building Performance Institute (BPI) Standards and Project Specifications
  • Analyzing Building Systems, Combustion Appliances and Hazards
  • Use of infrared camera and blower door as energy assessment tools
  • Professional Ethics, Conduct and Communication