Wireless access

  • Wireless access is available throughout the campus, simply connect to “EMCC” to connect to the web.
  • The dorms also have wireless, connect to “Dorms” to access the web.

Once you have connected, you must sign in before you can access the web.

How a student signs in:

Username: Firstname.Lastname@student.emcc.edu
Your MyEMCC Password

(Example: Joe Smith)
Username: Joeseph.Smith@student.emcc.edu
Password: Your MyEMCC Password

SSL Trust Configuration:

EMCC has installed a new firewall on campus in order to better meet the threats and challenges that are presented by the more sophisticated virus and malware that are prevalent on the internet.  One of the new features of this firewall is the ability to inspect inside SSL Encrypted traffic, this feature however does not come without its own set of issues.  The most prevalent issue created by with this solution is the “Untrusted SSL Certificate” message that gets generated by the inspection process.  This message does not mean that your traffic is not secured but simply that the certificate has been modified by the firewall.  When you receive this message you can continue to work as normal with most sites.  There are some sites that will not correctly unless you import the signing certificate into your browser or computer.  For information on how to do this please select from one of the categories below: