Withdrawing From A Course

Eastern Maine Community College offers courses within various time frames. As a result, both Add/Drop and Course Withdrawal periods differ in lengths, according to the specific course.

Add/Drop Period

The add drop period equals the first 10% of the total length of the course. During this period, students may change their academic schedules with the approval of their academic advisor. A change is considered official only after staff at the Office of Institutional Research and Student Data have received it. Courses added to or dropped from student schedules during the Add/Drop period will not appear on transcripts or grade report.

Course Withdrawal

The Withdrawal Period is the timeframe which includes the 40% of course period following the Add/Drop Period, (or 50% combined). Courses dropped during the Withdrawal Period will reflect a “W” on the student’s transcript and grade report.

After the Withdrawal Period, students who stop attending will receive an “AF” or “F” on their transcript and grade report. (With the possible exception of extenuating circumstances).

Students who withdraw from technology classes during a semester will remain enrolled in their academic program through the end of that semester. If students intend to take classes in the following semester as matriculated students, they must contact the Admissions Office to request an extension of their academic program, OR apply for and be accepted into another academic program at the college.

Printable EMCC Course Withdrawal Form