Eastern Maine Community College Scholarship Applications

Nursing Scholarships

Eastern Maine Community College Foundation Scholarships

Bangor Breakfast Rotary Scholarship
Eastern Maine Healthcare
Eben C. Hinkley Scholarship
Flik Independent School Dining Scholarship
Irene D. Baker Memorial Scholarship
Joyce & Wes Hedlund Scholarship
Loring Kydd Emeritus Scholarship
N.H. Bragg Scholarship
Scot Michael Miller for Culinary Arts
Scot Michael Miller for Hospitality & Tourism

General Scholarships

Native American Scholarship Fund
[Fall Deadline April 15, 2014, Spring Deadline September 15, 2014, Summer Deadline March 15, 2014]

Scholarship Searches Scholarships are offered by community and civic organizations, corporate and not for profit sponsors, as well as workplace benefits for employees.  There are  numerous sites on the internet where students can search for additional scholarships and there should be no cost to the student to complete a scholarship search. “No Cost” web based scholarship searches include: