What is Satisfactory Academic Progress?

Apr 17, 2011

Federal regulations mandate that financial aid recipients meet satisfactory academic progress to maintain financial aid eligibility. Evaluation of your academic standing is based on your enrollment status. Minimum satisfactory academic standards are as follows:

Two Year Programs
Minimum GPA Credits Earned
1.51 0-23 credit hours
1.75 24-35 credit hours
1.91 36-47 credit hours
2.00 48 credit hours
One Year Programs
Minimum GPA Credits Earned
1.51 0-12 credit hours
2.00 13 and above

Repetitions—Students repeating a course because of failure, withdrawal, or having obtained a grade lower than required for a particular subject will continue on financial aid only if their total progress is within the guidelines of the Satisfactory Academic Progress Table.

Appeals Process—Students unable to meet Satisfactory Academic Progress will be given written notice of their status and may file an appeal within 10 working days to the Student Aid Office. The Student Aid Committee will evaluate appeals.

Mitigating Circumstances—It is understood that a student might not meet academic standards due to unusual personal circumstances. These may be evaluated and documented by the Student Aid Committee when they review an appeal for reinstatement of financial aid.


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