Bangor Breakfast Rotary Hosts Scholarship Winners

Oct 18, 2012

Shane Erdt, Elizabeth Schwartz, Jonathan Torsch, Samantha Cox, James Barry, Jessica Wing,
Robert Gamble, Stephen Andrew, PhD – Bangor Area Breakfast Rotary Club President [not pictured: Dustin Walker]

The Bangor Area Breakfast Rotary Club Scholarship Program is a partnership between Eastern Maine Community College and the Bangor Area Breakfast Rotary Club to provide financial support to Bangor region students in pursuit of an Associate degree at Eastern Maine Community College. Eight EMCC students delivered speeches to the Rotary group that provided over $8,000 in scholarships to the group. Each student spoke on their personal experiences in college and how this scholarship made a direct impact on their education at
Eastern Maine Community College.

For more information or to apply for the Bangor Area Breakfast Rotary Scholarship
Contact the EMCC Office of Advancement:
(207) 974-4711

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