EMCC Hosts Campus Safety Demonstration

Jun 3, 2013


Eastern Maine Community College collaborated with local law enforcement agencies to stage an Active Shooter “Observant Eagle” Table Top Exercise on campus to prepare the EMCC campus for an emergency on Saturday June 1, 2013. The EMCC senior leadership team was given an emergency active shooter scenario and role-played the necessary steps to keep our campus community safe with the assistance of local law enforcement, and emergency management officials. EMCC Staff, Bangor Police Department (BPD), Maine State Police, Bangor Fire Department, Penobscot County Sheriff’s Office, Penobscot County Emergency Management Agency, and the Army National Guard all participated in the daylong symposium held on the EMCC campus.

BPD presented a real time Active Shooter Tactical Demonstration in the Johnston Gym to educate the staff on best practices when faced with an active shooter. After the tactical demonstration, Cornel Plebani, gave a presentation on “Identifying Behavior That Can Compromise Security.” The senior leadership team then finished the day with a “hotwash” of the day’s events and many ideas to carry forward to continue to keep our campus community safe.

EMCC would like to take the time to thank all of the agencies and individuals that assisted in making this day possible!

Watch WABI report on EMCC’s Observant Eagle training: http://www.wabi.tv/news/40617/active-shooter-staged-at-emcc


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