EMCC Students Bring Hands On Science to Local Kids

Apr 24, 2012

Basant Paradis’ CHE 100 students have been very busy with extra credit activities this semester sharing fun science experiments with local area schools.  The semester began with a fun and exciting demonstration  at the Old Town Elementary School Family Science Night in February.  We enjoyed playing with bubbles — making giant bubbles around children — making pickles glow, shooting off Alka Seltzer rockets, and leaving our mark on the school cafeteria ceiling with Diet Coke and Mentos!  Next we traveled to Milford to visit the Greenhouse Nursey School to “play” with the kids in the pre-K program there where we added glowing water and glowing flubber to our list of experiments.  We also visited 3-5 graders at the Dr. Lewis S. Libby Elementary School in Milford and added Dry Ice demonstrations.  We also visited the Bucksport Child Care Center.  We plan to wind down the semester with visits to the Dexter Elementary School, and a Bangor Girls Scouts Troop.  All these fun and exciting experiments, and some new experiments, will gear up again in the fall semester with an emphasis on The 25th Annual American Chemical Socitey’s National Chemistry Week, October 21-27.

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