EMCC April Artist of the Month: Carolyn Zani

Apr 1, 2012

(This is the first interview from a collection that will be featured on www.emcc.edu, each month we will introduce a new artist from the EMCC Community including students, staff, alumni and faculty members. All Artists featured in this online collection recently showed work at the 2012 EMCC Art Show. I had the pleasure of meeting and learning more about them at the Artist’s Reception on February 9th at the EMCC Library. Please send any feedback or questions to Katrina Mumford at 974-4617 or kmumford@emcc.edu )

Carolyn Zani is originally from Boston, Massachusetts but relocated to Brewer, ME in 1995. She currently attends Eastern Maine Community College in the Digital Graphic Design Program. Her piece in the show (pictured above) is titled “Fondly Yours”. Her chosen mediums for this piece are paper and ink jet. In her own words below, Carolyn tells us a little more about her reasons for attending EMCC as well as how she plans to utilize her education to expand her art.

“I chose Digital Graphic Design to expand my artistic career. As a child, my earliest recollection and appreciation for great works of art and technology came from frequent visits to the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, the Boston Museum of Science, and the Harvard Museum of Natural history. In my “first” career, my greatest masterpieces are my seven children. I am now a grandmother to fifteen children. I am basically a self-taught artist. I had the opportunity and privilege over the years to attend painting holidays and work-shops in the studios and galleries of noted artists along the New England coast and in the Gulf of Mexico. I am a non-tradition student. I want to further my study in the “traditional” manner of the Fine Arts while simultaneously exploring the new media of this generation. My mediums include: sewing (quilts), graphite pencil, conté crayon, charcoal, watercolor, mixed media, and photography.

My work is inspired by the Unity found in Nature, it is a response to human emotions, and is driven by the need to convey a message- both personal and universal. I feel platforms such as computers, Digital Photography, Typography and the Adobe Creative Suite (Lightroom, InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, etc) are as valid a tool in creating artwork as pigment, graphite, canvas and paper.

I plan to complete both associate and bachelor degrees in an art related field. My long-term goal includes a doctorate. I will continue my education to improve myself, my art, and my community. I feel a strong commitment to share my art with others, whether it is in viewing my artwork or helping them create their own.”

Carolyn teaches drawing classes and workshops as well as selling selected pieces of her artwork and photography prints. For More Information: Carolynwzani@gwi.net

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