EMCC Summer Camp Update: Tech Camp 2012

Aug 6, 2012

Daniel, 11, rebuilding a PC while attending EMCC’s Tech Camp 2012.

EMCC’s Tech Camp Program had another great summer session this year! The students ages 10 to 12 were able to learn about computers from the inside-out and build computers from scratch. Students learned how to disassemble a computer and learned what each part is used for. After taking them apart the task at hand was to reassemble the computer back to working condition. Along with the hardware of the computer the students also spent time with the Eastern Maine Community College IT staff  to learn about troubleshooting problems and software installation. Finally the students were also given an introduction to website development. All students had a great week on campus of making new friends while getting a chance to be “behind the scenes” of the technology at EMCC.

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