Five EMCC Students Off to Top Tier Schools

Apr 29, 2011

It’s not unheard of for EMCC graduates to continue their education at top notch schools but this year five students are heading to selective institutions. Two international students Wook Heo and Hyungik “Josh” Jeon who are enrolled in EMCC’s Integrative English Training Program have been accepted into Vassar’s Exploring Transfer program, along with Morgan Talty, a Liberal Studies major. Exploring Transfer is an intensive summer program aimed at opening a path for community college students to continue their education at selective schools. Find out more about the Integrative English Program by watching the video profile of Changsu Lee, Director of the Program.

In addition to the three students accepted into Vassar’s Exploring Transfer program, two graduating students Myungji “MJ” Choi and Shauna Strattonmeier will begin work on bachelor’s degrees at Mt. Holyoke. MJ is a former Integrative English Program student and current Business Management major. Shauna Strattonmeier, herself an Exploring Transfer student, is a Liberal Studies major.

Carol Lewandowski, English instructor and EMCC’s Eagle Eye advisor, who knows all five, three of whom are reporters for the Eagle Eye, shares a few thoughts about these exceptional students in the paragraphs below.

Morgan Talty Morgan has totally re-taught me the power of writing; he loves Kerouac (not my favorite, being the feminist I am) and we have gone round and round on “the male on a journey outwards and inwards” and the simple joy of text. He loved the notion of “it’s not news if the plane lands” and has ardently sought the plane not landing. He questions everything and has a keen sense of “politics.” Can I clone him?

Wook has been a fun speaker in SPE101 and he came face to face with some serious “playahs” when he tried to convince us that soccer was better than basketball. Then he introduced our class to Korean food, dispelling the myths that it is exotic, pricey, and difficult to cook, all the while toting its health benefits and organic benes. Can I clone him?

MJ is a trooper; give her a story idea in journalism and watch her go go go to gitterdone, all the while smiling and joking about her shyness (note: she is NOT shy!). She pursued an admin in an interview in order to get a good quote and ended up with a solid set of statements that were later useful in a group article. She reminds me of who I was at 21: motivated, kind of shy but persistent, and perhaps using that shyness as a tool to get information. Can I clone her?

Josh is a keeper — I knew him initially as a volunteer writer for the Eagle Eye and recently as a solid speaker in my SPE class, fighting the language barrier while connecting solidly with his peers. He started up his own “Business Club” on campus and has worked hard to get involved in the student culture. He has been embraced by his peers and has clearly set his own little world on fire. Can I clone him?

Shauna… ah, Shauna. She is a force to be reckoned with. She pursues a story like a bull dog, writes a story like a muse, and has a lovely self-depracatory demeanor. And she is a great peer tutor. Plus, she knows all the good restaurants in town. Can I clone her?

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