Service Learning in Action at EMCC

Nov 2, 2012

EMCC Student Photographer: Elizabeth Orr

Science students of both Deanna Prince and Basant Paradis have been busy this semester sharing science with students in the Greater Bangor Area through service learning projects. The objective of the projects is to supplement science education in schools and in a public setting. The students have been enjoying themselves over the last few weeks with hands on science experiments. October 20-27 was the 25th Annual American Chemical Society National Chemistry Week, and EMCC students celebrated by sharing science in Orono, Orrington, Charleston, Hampden, Old Town, and Howland. The week ended with a fantastic celebration of science at the Bangor Mall’s “Malloween” Kidgit Event on Saturday, October 27. What better way to celebrate Halloween than with grossscience! Some of the biology-related hands-on experiments included touching and feeling sheep brains, eye balls, and hearts; looking at mold, bacteria, and bugs through a microscope; seeing glowing DNA; and meeting and learning about “Mr. Bones”, the skeleton. Some of the chemistry experiments included, glowing pickles, using stinky purple cabbage juice as an acid/base indicator, playing with glowing flubber, making glowing slime, watching elephant toothpaste being made, exploding Diet Coke and Mentos, making giant bubbles, and playing in a pool of Oobleck. Fun was had by community members of all ages! During the activities of the week, about 1500 school-aged children were reached.


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