Service Learning Science Adventures

Apr 16, 2013

Basant Paradis updates us on the Service Learning happening over the Spring 2013 semester:

So far this semester, on March 1, we visited an afterschool program in Greenbush at the Helen S. Dunn School where we played with electricity, made golden pennies, made slime, elephant toothpaste, Flubber, and giant bubbles. On March 15, we visited Penobscot Valley High School in Howland to share the Magic of Science with special needs high school students. On March 26, Chemistry and Biology students visited the Viola Rand School in Bradley for their first Family Science Night where we were a BIG hit! We brought along microscopes and let the kids grow cultures of germs. We also shared sheep parts with the kids. We set off 35 Alka Seltzer film canister rockets all at once, and we played with bubbles. We made golden pennies, glowing slime, and we had a grand time with Diet Coke and Mentos. On March 28, a group visited the Orono Middle School with the first part of a 2-part classroom visit to help supplement the weather unit that 6th graders were learning about. That visit concluded with making clouds in a bottle, amongst other things, on April 2. April 4 was a very busy day for EMCC Chemistry Students.

One group of students visited the Leonard Middle School in Old Town, and alchemy was shared with students interested in Chemistry. The students that choose to participate were very excited to learn about chemistry and are looking forward to another visit on April 11. Another group visited Center Drive School in Orrington and shared some great science experiments playing with colors (photons) and electricity (battery science and electrolytes) with 3rd and 4th graders. Cavlary Chapel School in Orrington was very lucky to be visited by both Biology Students, who shared sheep parts with the kids, and by Chemistry Students, who shared more experiments around colors and battery electricity.

We also plan to share more exciting science at the Old Town Elementary School for their annual Science Night on April 23, and we plan on being in the Quad during Tech Day on April 25.”

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