PTK Update: Volunteering at The Fireball Run

Oct 11, 2012

PTK Volunteers at The Fireball Run, Saturday, September 29, 2012

 Update brought to you by EMCC’s Helen Chamberland

The FireBall Run Northern Exposure 2012 was an 8-day, 15-city, 2500-mile “Race to Recover Missing or Exploited Children.”  As many as 40 teams can register to compete in this road race.  It is like a scavenger hunt in each city where participants had to decipher clues and move onto their next ‘mission site.’ Drivers received points for completing each task, and those were tallied at the end to determine the winner. Each team sponsors a missing child, and the goal is to spread the word with flyers, postcards, and word of mouth about finding these missing children.  The prize for the winning team is a plastic road sign – and bragging rights.

This year’s race started in Ohio, and the finish line was in downtown Bangor.  Phi Theta Kappa was asked by President Barrett to represent the college and volunteer at this event.  We had seven people help out, and we had a great time – even though we got a little wet from the rain.

Some of us directed the participants to their mission sites and directed other traffic around the road closures.  Some of us participated in the mock “Brady Gang Shootout” on Central Street.  NBC/Universal Studios and the FireBall Run Production team filmed part of these events for a movie they will be putting together and posting on the website.

After the Bangor area mission sites were completed, there was a parade down Main Street; and the 40 cars that participated in the race were all parked along State Street to meet and greet the public.  These cars included a Bentley, Bugatti, Camaro, Charger, Ferrari, Lamborghini, and the Movie car from both ‘Batman’ and ‘Back to the Future.’ It was a great time for all involved!

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