Record Spring Enrollment at EMCC

Apr 3, 2013

Eastern Maine Community College’s spring semester enrollment, just as in the fall, has exceeded previously set records.

“We attribute this increase to a deliberate shifting of our resources to improve student success which has been underway here at the College since 2010,” notes EMCC President Lawrence Barrett.

Dan Crocker, Dean of Enrollment Management and Institutional Research at EMCC reports that the total headcount for this semester has increased by 131 students or 5.94% over spring 2012 enrollment.

Given that spring semester enrollment at EMCC has progressively increased since 2011, Crocker notes a number of factors at play. “Our first to second-year retention rate is on the increase. This, along with the strong demand for our high-quality career and technical programs, the addition of several new programs, and an increase in the number of students using EMCC as a transfer option by enrolling in the Liberal Studies program, has added to the overall number of students enrolled this spring,” he said.

EMCC offers more than 30 one- and two-year programs, as well as short-term and specialized training and retraining courses for business, industry and community. Associate degrees are awarded, as well as certificates, diplomas and documents of completion for customized, short-term programs and courses.

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