D.A. Visits Criminal Justice 101 Students

Nov 21, 2016


District Attorney Visits CRJ101

Casey Boulay, Patricia Sauter, Professor Cornel Plebani, Vince Lewey, Isaiha Littleton

Criminal Justice 101 students got dressed up for a visit from Penobscot County’s District Attorney, R. Christopher Almy, Esq. The district attorney visited both sections of CRJ 101 this semester to discuss the roles and responsibilities of a prosecutor. This experience provided students with an opportunity to apply concepts learned in the classroom to real life situations and decisions that a prosecutor would confront. The discussion was conducted in an open forum style which allowed students to ask questions and interact with the D.A. to expand their knowledge.  During the forum, Mr. Almy fielded a number of well-prepared questions from students, such as the ones below.

  • What is the role of plea negotiation in disposing of cases in the system?
  • By what process are juries empanelled for criminal trials?
  • What are the differences between grand juries and traverse juries?
  • How does resource dependency affect charging decisions?

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Department ChairCriminal Justice
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