Morgan Talty

Apr 29, 2011

Morgan TaltyI grew up on Indian Island, a 3×1 mile stretch of land. We’re Wabanaki, meaning People of the Dawn. We’re made up of Micmac, Passamaquody, Penobscot and Maliseet Native Americans.

I know every house, every person, every landmark on Indian Island. But walking through the woods, it’s always new because there are so many stories. The culture is still breathing. Our world is a mystifying place. It’s history that just keeps rhyming through the years. I went to school on the island with the same 15 kids through 8th grade. It was hard to leave. When you spend your entire life with the same class, why leave; especially when that class spent every day on the same island, the same woods, and the same stories–all under the same trees we walked through day to day.

High school was bad. My mother had health problems and we were also taking care of my niece. I couldn’t focus on school because there was too much else to take care of. But by my senior year, things were starting to lighten up and two important things happened. I had been volunteering at the Boys and Girls Club on the Island as an outlet and got picked to be the district Youth of the Year. That was when I noticed that I had something.

And I got to go to Spain with my Spanish class. I like to see the connections between cultures in their stories. I like to see things I haven’t seen before. I like languages and words. I started to get an idea about my life.

At EMCC, I found out about the George Mitchell Peace Scholarship to Ireland. I applied and got accepted. I’ll get to study for a semester at the Cork Institute for Technology in Cork, Ireland.

I’m excited to put myself in history, to understand the peace George Mitchell helped bring to that country. I want to understand the place Irish writers are writing from. And I want to write.

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