Eastern Maine Community College is fully aware that the value of the college experience for students is greatly affected by personal problems, needs, and interests, the administration and faculty regard counseling services as an integral part of the total educational program. Our faculty makes a conscientious effort to get to know and to treat students as individuals. The following counseling services are available to our students:

Personal Counseling

Student Support Services Counseling is Eastern Maine Community College’s free and confidential counseling service for students. We strive to attend to the mental health needs of EMCC students while also providing outreach, education, consultation, and crisis management for the larger EMCC community. The counseling office is located in Maine  Hall, room 124. For more information about the services available, please Support Services below for more information.

While attending EMCC, you may encounter many transitions and changes.  Our programs and services are intended to support you through these experiences, help you achieve your academic goals, and find ways of leading a more fulfilling life.  We endeavor to provide these services in an environment that is comfortable and welcoming for all students.

Career Counseling

Many students in college find themselves struggling to choose a career path or discover that their current degree program simply isn’t a good fit.  With so many career possibilities available, it can be overwhelming to make this important choice that will impact your working life.  Career counseling can help students gain insight about career options that would be compatible with their values, abilities, and educational goals.

Students who wish to pursue career counseling at EMCC may make an initial consultation appointment to discuss concerns and allow Dr. King Caruso to determine the student’s needs.  If the student is interested in continuing, they will commit to an additional three sessions, to allow for assessment, exploration, and planning.  Career counseling is free to all currently enrolled EMCC students, but openings are limited, so contact us soon.

Scheduling an Appointment

To schedule an initial counseling appointment, call (207) 974-4858 or send an email to Before coming to your first appointment, please complete the intake form. These forms can be found in the media tower next to room 124 in Maine Hall.

Dr. King Caruso generally sees clients Tuesday – Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  If you are unable to schedule an appointment during those times, it may be possible for you to be seen outside of regular hours.  If for any reason you are unable to keep your appointment, please contact Dr. King Caruso as soon as possible so that the appointment time may be used for another student in need.

About the Staff

Salena King Caruso is the on-campus counselor for EMCC.  Dr. King Caruso graduated with a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from Auburn University and has previous mental health care experience working in a college campus setting, in a community setting, and providing crisis response services.  While she has experience working with all varieties of mental health issues and everyday problems, her special interests are: treating traumatic stress, working with emergency response services personnel, identity issues, LGBTQ issues, and empowerment.