What is the alcohol policy for the residence halls?

Students and their guests are not permitted to possess and/or consume alcoholic beverages anywhere on the Eastern Maine Community campus, including in the residence halls or college-sponsored activities. In addition, intoxication, or students appearing to be “under the influence” of alcohol, will not be tolerated. Residents are not permitted... Read more >

How will I send and receive mail?

Both of our residence halls have mailboxes on the first floor. When you check into your building, you will have the option to be assigned a mailbox and receive a mail key. Mail is delivered Monday – Friday by 4:00pm and outgoing mail is processed by 1:00pm on the... Read more >

Can I have friends visit and stay overnight?

Guests may visit and stay overnight in both halls. Any guest staying in the Resident Hall past 11pm is required to be signed-in with the Resident Assistant on-duty. Residents may entertain the same overnight guest for a maximum of two nights per week, as long as they have obtained... Read more >

Is there security in the residence halls?

Our residence halls are locked 24 hours a day for the safety of our residents. Access is only gained by using your assigned key/key card. All residents are required to sign-in overnight guests. Staff Offices are off the lobby in both buildings, with Resident Assistants conducting duty from 6pm... Read more >

Are there staff who live in the residence halls?

Each floor of a building is assigned a Resident Assistant, a current student who has shown academic, leadership and personal success. They are charged with assisting residents with transitioning to college, implementing programming and activities and advocating for resident rights and responsibilities. In addition, each building has an on-site... Read more >

Can I have a refrigerator? What other appliances can I have?

You are more than welcome to bring a refrigerator, as long as it is a typical “dorm-style” fridge. In addition, you can bring lamps, clocks, irons, hot air popcorn poppers, stereos and/or electric shavers. However, in the interest of safety and sanitation, microwaves, frying pans, toasters, hot pots, electric... Read more >

What furniture does the school provide?

In Kineo Hall, each room is furnished with a twin bed (extra-long sheets required), desk, desk chair and armoire for each resident. In Acadia Hall, each resident is provided a twin bed (extra-long), desk, desk chair and dresser. Read more >

Can I have a pet?

For health, sanitation, and safety reasons, no animals are allowed in the Residence Halls. Residents are permitted to have fish (only!) and a fish tank that does not exceed 20 gallons. Read more >

Can I decorate my room?

You are encouraged to make your room “yours”… Feel free to decorate it as you wish, within the limits of good judgment and safety. No resident may install equipment, paint or make unauthorized alterations to their room. No posters, signs, flags or other means of advertizing alcohol or drugs... Read more >

Is there on-site laundry facilities?

On the first floor of both Acadia and Kineo Hall, there are laundry rooms with card-operated washers and dryers. The cost is $1.25 to wash and $1.25 to dry and you need a $5.00 bill to purchase your laundry card the first time. These are purchased through the vending... Read more >