Do I need a TOEFL score to apply to IETP?

No. However, all entering IETP students must have high school transcript or GED or equivalent documents  (translated in English) to take college courses. The program director will advise students to take certain college courses on the basis of their English abilities and interests. Read more >

Can I use the library and the computers on campus?

Yes. The IETP students are considered to be Eastern Maine Community College students and they will have all the privileges that EMCC students have. Read more >

What about the tutors for the college courses that I will be taking?

Eastern Maine Community College has an Academic Support Center and there are tutors available for selective courses. Read more >

Are there tutoring services?

Yes.  The IETP provides private, experienced tutors to all IETP students.  Tutors work with students one-on-one for 2~3 hours a week.  During tutor time students set the agenda.  It is their time to learn more about their interests or to focus on elements of the English language they find particularly challenging. Read more >

Does the IETP have a dormitory?

Yes. Eastern Maine Community College has two dormitory buildings. The IETP students will usually have American roommates. Please apply for housing as soon as possible. Space is limited. Host family is may be available if there is interest in the community. Some students may rent apartments. Read more >

I don’t have a car. How do I commute to the work place?

IETP selects internship organizations very carefully. All the organization is on the BAT bus lines. The BAT bus lines come to the Eastern Maine Community College campus. Upon arrival, IETP students will receive the transportation information. Read more >

What is the optional internship?

IETP believes that internship is integral to learning the language. Students will be working in various business settings at local companies, hospitals, hotels, government offices, and other non-profit organization as interns. It is a non-paid internship but the experience that students will get is priceless... Read more >

I heard that IETP students will have to take college credit courses. Are they transferable to other colleges and universities?

They well may be. Most courses that are 100 level or higher are subject to transfer to other colleges and universities, depending on the college and program to which you are transferring. If you have specific courses that you have in mind to... Read more >

What is the Integrative English Training Program? How is it different from other ESL programs?

In the Integrative English Training Program students do not spend most of the days with students from other countries. The IETP students will spend about 6~9 hours in the ELL courses a week working on their reading, writing, speaking, and listening. English Fitness Instructors will... Read more >