President’s Message January 2014: Thank you!

Jan 8, 2014

Happy New Year, and welcome back for the Spring 2014 semester! Many of our students, faculty, staff and communities were impacted by the ice storm that occurred over holiday break. On campus, we had several significant weather related events such as a utility pole accident and the usual pipes freezing. This caused the campus be closed for 4 business days. My family and I, like many others, were without power for 92 hours. It was very frustrating and challenging for all, especially during the holiday season.

After reflecting on these happenings, I realized that the hardworking, dedicated individuals that helped many of us through this difficult time were Maine Community College graduates. Graduates from EMCC that helped with furnaces, generators and plumbing from our HVAC program; auto technicians and heavy equipment technicians and operators that helped start our cars and maintain plow and utility trucks; electricians working on the lines at businesses and organizations trying to restore power; the first responders from our EMT and Fire Sciences program who helped those in distress; and many more graduates in a variety of occupations. Thank you EMCC and Maine Community College graduates for all you did to ensure our community was safe during the trying winter weather.

As current students and forthcoming graduates of this institution, you are the future of our state and community. I am proud of what you are learning and accomplishing at EMCC, and proud, also, that you are becoming the individuals our communities trust to step up in challenging times. Have a wonderful spring semester, and I look forward to seeing you on campus.

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