President’s Message To Students June 2013

Jun 11, 2013

This month we bid farewell to the graduating class of 2013!  What a great event!  The graduation speaker wove a metaphor comparing the college experience to running a marathon.  I found this comparison striking and true.  With each class, each semester, students reach a goal and pass a marker until they finally cross the finish line.  What follows are new challenges, either in careers or at four-year colleges or universities.  The EMCC marathon prepares students for the world, and the longer race of life that lies ahead.

Summer is also a time for those students continuing at EMCC to consider the next step in their educational path.  I urge students to challenge themselves, step out of their comfort zones, and tackle a class or a project that can lead on to greater things.  Be bold as you seize your future.  Set aside some time to visit with the faculty and advisors who are here to guide you along your way and support your success.

Finally, as you plan for the summer or fall semesters, don’t forget the opportunities that scholarships can provide.  Though an EMCC education is affordable, it is still important to seek out sources that will award scholarship money to those who qualify.  Take the time to fill out the applications that may help you achieve fully funded educational opportunities.

It is always important to take time during the race to breathe, consider what is around you, and plan your next steps.  It is no different in life.  Summer is a great time to take a breath, evaluate all of the options before you, and prepare for the next leg of your journey at EMCC.

With that – on your mark – get set – SUCCESS!

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