President’s Message To Students November 2012

Nov 7, 2012

Photo Credit: EMCC Student Erica Davis

The month of November is already here and I give thanks that EMCC and the Bangor region avoided the destructive force of hurricane Sandy. There are still millions of people without power, shelter, food and gas and I would encourage all of you to do whatever you can to help those in this time of need. The month of November is also a special time to give thanks for family, friends and our Veterans. At EMCC we have over 120 student veterans attending classes and I especially would like to thank them for their service to our country and for choosing EMCC to further their education.

Last week I was able to see a group of 20 EMCC Science students and faculty engaged in a service learning activity with the community called “gross science” in conjunction with Halloween. This activity involves EMCC college students learning college based science while providing kids between the ages of 3-15 a fun way to understand and learn science at the Bangor Mall. Some of the activities included the use of pickles to close out electrical circuits and the work of mad scientists explaining bones and anatomy. A total of 1500 k-8 students from Howland, Orrington, Charleston, Hampden, Orono, and Bangor experienced this creative activity. I am especially impressed that the group of students reached out to the rural parts of Maine to teach kids Science. This type of activity is just the beginning of many more service learning activities that the College will participate in.

Finally, special kudos to Merlene Sanborne and JoAnn Bourque  for their recent Maryann Hartmann awards.

As you can see EMCC is special place and we have a lot to be thankful for. Have a great month of November and Thanksgiving Holiday!

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