Scheduling a Tour Over the Summer

May 16, 2011

(approx. May 16-August 26)

Thank you for your interest in visiting the campus of Eastern Maine Community College. We are looking forward to meeting you! Here are some things for you to consider before scheduling a visit:

  • EMCC recognizes all State and Federal holidays. Campus tours are not available on those dates or on weekends. Tours may not be available during EMCC vacations and semester breaks.
  • Your tour will be conducted by Student Ambassadors who currently attend EMCC. 
  • Tour dates are limited due to student/staff schedules.
  • We encourage you to arrange your campus visit at least 48 hours in advance. If you arrive unannounced, a tour guide may not be available to show you around.  In addition we cannot guarantee post-tour access to Admissions and Financial Aid staff but will make every effort to meet with you upon request. Please allow 45 minutes to 1 hour for your visit. Larger groups may require more time.
  • When on tour, please turn off or silence cell phones and pagers. MP3 players and similar devices should not be brought with you on tour.
  • When visiting over the summer, our campus is much quieter and access to several instructional areas (i.e. technical labs and shops) is restricted.
  • Most faculty members are on summer leave and are not available to meet with guests. In the event that we are able to enter the Automotive and Diesel shops; Welding lab; Building Construction shop; Refrigeration, AC & Heating lab, ALL visitors should come prepared:

Wear steel toe boots if you have them. If not, wear sneakers or comfortable, secure footwear. Sandals, flip flops, heels, etc. are not permitted in these areas due to OSHA safety regulations.

If you have safety glasses please bring them along. If not, you will be required to wear ours while in the shop/lab. Safety glasses are required due to OSHA safety regulations.

Wear long pants/skirts/jeans. Limit the amount of exposed skin. Do not wear flowing, loosely-fitted clothing.

  • Our dining hall is not open over the summer.
  • Residence halls may be off limits due to summer camps, cleaning/renovations, etc.
  • All areas of the campus are handicap-accessible; however, depending on your interests, the amount of time you have available, or how much walking you choose to do, a personalized tour route can be arranged.  If you have a mobility impairment and prefer this option, we are happy to make those arrangements with you.  Notify the Admissions Office at 207-974-4680 or
  • See the campus map for directions to EMCC. Visitors should park in the Visitor Parking Area (College Circle on the map) in front of Katahdin Hall (building B on the map). Report to the Enrollment Center on the first floor of Katahdin Hall and announce your arrival at the reception window.  In the event that Visitor Parking is full, please park in Student Parking Lot B (off Access Drive).
  • At the conclusion of each campus tour, your Student Ambassador will give you the opportunity to meet with an Admissions Counselor to ask questions and gather more information that will assist you with your decision to attend EMCC.  They will also give you admission materials such as program information, application for admission, financial aid information, etc.
  • Following your visit, you may be emailed a survey asking you to give an opinion on your experience. We encourage you to complete the survey candidly so that we can continue to improve our campus visits for future guests.
  • Please return to the “Visiting the Campus” page of our website and click on “Sign up for a Tour”. If you prefer, you may call the Admissions Office at 207-974-4680 or 1-800-286-9357 (toll free in Maine) to schedule your visit over the phone. Additionally, you may email admissions

See you soon!





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