Upcoming BASWG Meeting Minutes

February 11, 2019

Bangor Area Stormwater Group Meeting
February 14, 2019
Location: Old Town Council Chambers, Main Street, Old Town, Maine
9:00 am – 11:00 am


Annual Meeting of the Bangor Area Stormwater Group

9:00 am           Welcome and Round-robin Introductions (10 min)

9:10 am           Brief Year-in-Review Report (20 min)

  • Report on BASWG 2018 Activities and Accomplishments (Brenda Zollitsch)
  • Financial Report from the Treasurer (Belle Ryder)
  • 2019 and Beyond (Brenda Zollitsch and Rich May)

9:30 am           Election of BASWG Officers & Recognition of Outgoing Officers (10 min)

  • Chair, Vice Chair/E&O Committee Leader and Second Vice Chair (other positions continuing) – Ballot forthcoming

9:40 am           Education &Outreach Planning (40 min)

  • Presentation of winter outreach work by Pulse and update on implementation
  • Continuing discussion about collaboration opportunities with other clusters

Special guests: Ali Clift, ISWG and Kritsie Rabaska, SMSWG

  • BASWG E&O Work (Rich May)
    • Science Festival planning
    • Planning ahead for BASWG clean-up and stenciling supports
    • Brainstorming outreach venues to engage others in BASWG volunteer work

10:20 am         Discussion about Meeting with DEP & Permit Progress (20 min)

  • Update on Permit Progress (Rhonda Poirier, DEP)
  • Details about meeting with DEP (2-24-19 @ 1 pm in Augusta) – goals and participants (Phil Ruck, SEE was selected as BASWG’s representative last meeting)

10:40 am         Organizational Business (20 min)

  • Approval of the BASWG Minutes (January 2019)
  • Final presentation of BASWG budget for July 1, 2019-June 30, 2020
  • Preparing to move to meeting every-other month (10 min)
  • Managing intermeeting work (E&0, contracts, etc.)
  • Agenda items for April 11th meeting

11:00 am             BASWG meeting adjourns – Executive Committee members should be prepared stay for up to a half hour after the meeting to address additional business items, if needed