Environmental Services Supervisor

Northern Light Health

The EVS Supervisor is responsible for supervising the EVS Department by planning, organizing, coordinating, and directing all EVS staff and functions, as well as controlling the resources of the department. These resources include the people, positions, facilities and equipment, materials and supplies, information, and funds. The Supervisor works in a dynamic healthcare environment and must anticipate and adapt to challenges on a daily basis. Planning involves devising a systematic process for attaining the goals of the department, and thus Acadia Hospital. Planning is to assist in preparing the department staff for the immediate future needs, such as scheduling time off, arrange coverage for timely facilities EVS needs, and arranging the necessary resources to carry out the plan. The Supervisor will establish relationships with all EVS staff and other Acadia Hospital Supervisors. The Supervisor will be supportive, guiding and leading staff to perform at their best level. Reviewing and verifying that actual staff performance matches requirements is important to the success of this role. Perform any duties and/or responsibilities assigned by Manager or Supervisor for which qualified.


PEOPLE o Provides leadership to assigned staff to achieve departmental goals, with fair and consistent application of EMMC and Departmental policies and procedures. o Performs personnel actions for assigned staff, recruiting conducting performance appraisals, quality assurance inspections, recommends appropriate actions regarding advancement, demotions, discharges, and/or disciplinary actions. o Supervises assigned staff. Responsible for ensuring staff have appropriate training, tools, materials, and work assignments. Provides opportunities for development and resolution of problems, concerns, and conflicts o Assigns personnel and schedules workloads, shifting assignments to respond to changing priorities and service requests; approves PEP requests while maintaining adequate staffing levels. SERVICE o Maintains harmonious relationships with other employees, visitors and patients. o Receives and processes requests for services from other EMMC departments in a timely manner. Maintaining all necessary records. Maintains regular contact with key departmental staff to ensure the Housekeeping Department meets service expectations QUALITY o Premise compass scores to within established targets (80% discharges responded to in 30 minutes) 80% stat discharges responded to in 15 minutes) FINANCE o Ensures Departmental staff, supplies and materials are used in an efficient manner


Required Associate’s Degree

To apply for this job please visit gen-emh-prd.inforcloudsuite.com.