Vaccine Resources

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Starting this fall, the Maine Community College System (MCCS) will require all students attending classes in person to be vaccinated against COVID-19, due to the recent surge in cases attributed to the delta variant. The MCCS Board of Trustees unanimously approved and updated the COVID-19 safety protocol on August 12th.

The vaccine is required for:

  • resident students (has been required for some time)
  • students taking in-person classes on EMCC’s Bangor campus
  • students taking EMCC classes in-person at any of our distance sites

Please email with any questions.


What if I test positive for COVID while attending in-person classes?

You are still able to get COVID even after getting the vaccine, though symptoms and severity are usually noticeably less dangerous. If you do contract COVID and you test positive, please let the instructors of your in-person classes know and email letting us know what classes you were in the previous week. Do not return to class until you get a negative test.

Your classmates will be notified that an anonymous student has tested positive and that because of the vaccine requirement and mask mandate the risk to them is very low, so they can remain in class unless a larger outbreak develops.

I’m vaccinated! How do I get approval to be on campus?

You can log into your student portal at and then click the Covid Info tab. Next, you will click “Upload my Covid-19 Vaccination Card”. Please upload a photo of your card and fill in all the other information in the form. By checking the last box you are certifying that all the information is accurate and truthful and that if it is not you recognize that you are in violation of MCCS protocol and the Student Code of Conduct. This information is confidential and handed by our immunizations office.

If your second dose of the vaccine is in the future, please leave the second date blank. When you get your second dose, you can reenter the portal and resubmit your information with the second date included.

Please email with any questions.

What if I want a 2-dose shot instead of the Johnson & Johnson 1-dose?

You are able to get whichever vaccine you would like. Students must show proof of vaccination before attending their first in-person class, and proof of a second dose (Pfizer or Moderna) no later than 30 days from the date of their first in-person class.

If you are getting your first dose now and your second dose isn’t until after classes start, THAT IS OK! You will need to upload your card and first shot info in the portal before your first class, leaving the second date blank. You will then have 30 days after your first dose to go back into the portal and upload all of your information including the second dose.

The upload portal is in MyEMCC under the Covid Info tab.

Do I have to get the vaccine?

If you are in any in-person classes or are a student that plans on using EMCC campus facilities, then yes, you are required to get the vaccine in order to remain in that class and use campus buildings.

Can I still take classes, even if I don’t get vaccinated?

You are able to take only our online courses at this time. Our fall schedule is already built to accommodate a large number of online course options. If you would like to see if there is an online section of a particular course or make a schedule change, please email your advisor directly or if you are unsure of who your advisor is.

Can I be exempt from getting the vaccine?

Only students with documented medical exemptions can be excluded from this requirement. In line with Maine state law in effect September 1st, MCCS will not consider exemptions based on religious or philosophical beliefs. You can email with the subject line “Medical Exemption Request” for the exemption request form. You will need to submit this form with documents from your doctor stating why it is medically inadvisable for you to get the vaccine. If you do get a medical exemption, you will need to get a weekly COVID test and bring the negative result to the Immunization Office in Maine Hall in order to remain in class. You will be responsible for getting those tests each week off-campus.

Where can I get a vaccine?

Check out this website for a map of vaccination sites around Bangor. Live farther away? Start here and choose your location for a curated list.

Who can I talk to if I have more questions?

Please email with any questions or reach out to your advisor. Please also note that unless a student is a minor, we will need to speak with the student directly to take any action concerning schedule changes, withdrawal, or exemption requests.

If I am unvaccinated and in online classes, can I still use student services?

Access to these services is limited to 15 minutes or less for visitors and students who have not yet submitted proof of vaccination:
  • Bookstore: 1st Floor Maine Hall
  • Business Office Payment Window: 1st Floor Maine Hall
  • EMCC Library: 2nd Floor Katahdin Hall
  • Welcome Center Window & Admissions: 1st Floor Katahdin Hall
Access to the following services (in person) is limited to students who have submitted proof of vaccination. All of these services are available remotely by emailing or calling to book an appointment: