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Intro to 5S  jump-starts your Lean journey!

5S, Sort, Set in Order, Shine, Standardize and Sustain, is a proven, effective way to identify and eliminate wasteful, non-value-adding practices from the workplace. Created and perfected by Toyota, 5S incorporates a system of visual cues. These cues help reduce waste and achieve more consistent operational results.

All types of businesses and organizations, including manufacturing plants, offices, health care, financial institutions, higher education, the military incorporate 5S principles. 5S is the foundation of a successful Lean implementation. Intro to 5S is crucial to establish an effective lean culture. Attain and maintain an orderly workplace, standardized work and improve Lean by learning the basics of 5S!

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The workshop is split into two parts:  

Part 1: A 4-hour presentation and activities in a public workshop setting. 
Part 2: A 4-hour session at your company to get you started with a 5S project. 
The second 4-hour session is taking place within 6 weeks of the classroom session. A Maine MEP Project Manager visits your company and coaches the workshop participants to take the first steps in applying what they have learned.

Contact Maine Manufacturing Extension Partnership to learn more.

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