Digital Badges

What is a Digital Badge?

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A Digital Badge is a new type of credential that provides an avenue for anyone to complete pathways of learning through nontraditional routes. Digital Badges make learning visible and are ideal for those looking to strengthen their skill sets. Maine’s labor force needs to be up-skilled over the next decade and this new model seeks to do so in a unique way. EMCC partners with the Maine Community College System (MCCS), the University of Maine System, and other institutions and community partners in developing this new model.

How do Digital Badges benefit learners and employers?

Learners benefit by earning important credentials quicker than traditional professional development or academic programs. The badges provide foundational skills essential to gaining employment opportunities. Digital Badges contain information linked to the individual’s skills. For example, a badge might include samples of the individual’s work, serving as a digital portfolio.

Industry Partners benefit by being actively engaged in program creation. Candidates for positions in their organization will have validated competencies rather than relying on a resume and employment application for proof. The just-in-time nature of training programs also means employees earn credentials quicker, and with fewer time constraints typical of traditional academic programs.