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No matter what your role is within the campus community, Eastern Maine Community College wants to hear your concerns about issues that impact the safety and well-being of our students, faculty, and staff.  Your communication with us is vital to our ability to protect and provide assistance to students. Situations to report might include emotional/well-being concerns; behavioral concerns, including Code of Conduct violations; academic misconduct; and safety concerns. If you witness or learn of something that is out of the ordinary or leaves you alarmed, please complete a referral.

All referrals will be reviewed by the VP of Student Affairs and the campus counselor, who are the Co-Chairs of the CARE Team. The CARE Team members take confidentiality very seriously and great efforts are made to protect the privacy of those involved. All investigations and outreach/follow-up will be conducted discreetly.

If you have concerns you would like to address prior to submitting a referral or questions in general, please contact the campus counselor at 207.974.4858, the VP of Student Affairs at 207.974.4673, or reach both by emailing  Please note that sensitive information about students should not be included in an email, as privacy is not able to be guaranteed.

*Please note that Emergency Services should be contacted when there is an immediate threat to health or safety. Call 911 first.