EMCC Food Pantry

  • The EMCC Co-Op is located in the Johnston Gymnasium. We offer free walk-in service, curbside pickup, and food delivery to students within 10 miles of campus.
  • You can also use this link to order
  • Four satellite food pantries are available across campus that can be accessed by students whenever they want. They are located in the library (second floor of Katahdin Hall), Rangeley Hall by the Computer Science Department, along with the ones in the common rooms of Kineo and Acadia Halls.
  • Students in need may submit an order form, linked below, or just show up for a pre-prepared bag!
  • You can also make a monetary donation to the Food Pantry by using this form through the EMCC Foundation.

If you need to contact the food pantry you can email us at foodpantry@emcc.edu or give us a call at 974-4874.



Donate your bottles to our Clynk account to benefit the EMCC Food Pantry! 

The EM3C Food Pantry Clynk Program raises money to battle food insecurity in EMCC students. Donations are used to purchase food for the Food Pantry. Multiple donation sites are strategically placed around campus to collect bottles and cans. If you would like to make a large bottle and can donation, please drop off at the Food Pantry located in Johnston Gym between 8:30am-4pm, Monday through Thursday. For questions, please contact Cathy Ryder at 974-4794, or email the food pantry at foodpantry@emcc.edu.



See our Food Pantry Wishlist for current needs, or donate to the pantry fund today. you can also shop directly from our Amazon Wishlist.

We have many community agreements in place that allow us to purchase food at or below cost thanks to partners like Good Shepherd Food Bank and more.