Eastern Maine Community College Scholarship Applications

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Eastern Maine Community College Foundation Scholarships

The EMCC Foundation maintains and awards over 70 scholarships annually.  Our scholarships serve students with high financial need, those from rural areas, non-traditional students and first time college students. The application is free and we can match you to an available scholarship. Once completed, send the application and an essay on your educational goals and how EMCC and scholarships will help you achieve these goals to or drop the materials off at the Enrollment Center.  Applications with essays are due to the Foundation Office no later than June 14 of every year. Students are encouraged to apply after the deadline date as some scholarships become available throughout the year.

Visit the EMCC Foundation scholarships page for more information.

General Outside Scholarships

Maine Community Foundation Scholarships  Over $2 million is awarded each year from more than 450 scholarship funds.  Scholarship listings are organized by Maine county as well as type (adult learner, high school student, aspirational).  Applications are available online

MES Maine Education Services – Their mission is to help Maine students achieve success in their higher education goals.  They manage many internal and external scholarship programs for Maine students.  Applications are available on their site.

Maine Competitive Skills Scholarship Program – designed to help qualified Maine residents learn new skills and succeed in a changing economy.

The George J. Mitchell Peace Scholarship – This scholarship provides opportunities for students from the Maine Community College System to study in Ireland for either the fall or spring semester. The Scholarship honors the Northern Ireland peace accord brokered by Senator Mitchell between the governments and peoples of Ireland and the United Kingdom. Apply now.

Successful MCCS applicants are eligible to attend the Cork Institute of Technology on the south coast of Ireland for the fall or spring semester.

The scholarship covers:

  • tuition and fees
  • housing
  • a food and living expense stipend of 500 euros a month
  • a travel grant of $1,000
  • funds to cover the Irish Immigration fee

The Mitchell Scholarship  awarded to graduating high school seniors from Maine’s public high schools

The 2020 Mitchell Scholarship online application is now open until April 1! You can find the application link, requirements, and a few additional college and scholarship resources on our web site: The strongest applicants demonstrate financial need, academic promise, and community impact.

In addition to the $10,000 scholarship (this award amount is not retroactive for Mitchell Scholars from previous years) that we will award to a senior from every public high school in the state, we provide numerous resources and programs for Mitchell Scholars:

  • Leadership and career development events and excursions across the state
  • Fellowship Awards of up to $1,500 to support internships and personal/professional growth opportunities
  • Emergency financial assistance for unexpected financial challenges
  • Access to a wide array of professional networks and social events
  • Customized career advising and personal support through individual meetings with Mitchell Institute staff and community members

Higher Opportunities for Pathways to Employment (HOPE) Scholarship  This program is committed to helping you reach your educational goals by helping cover costs related to school. Whether you are seeking a short-term training certificate or an associate or bachelor’s degree, the HOPE Program has the tools and resources to help you.

You might be eligible if:

  • You are a parent or caretaker relative of a minor child who is living with you
  • Are a Maine resident between the ages of 16 through 64
  • Meet the financial qualifications

Read all the qualifications for the HOPE Scholarship here.

Scholarship Resources

Scholarships are offered by community and civic organizations, corporate and not for profit sponsors, as well as workplace benefits for employees.  There are numerous sites on the internet where students can search for additional scholarships and there should be no cost to the student to complete a scholarship search. “No Cost” web based scholarship searches include:

Scholarship Application

By filling out this form you are submitting an application for any scholarships the EMCC Foundation may have available. If you have any questions, please contact
  • If you just graduated high school, list the name of that. If you also took classes at a CTE school, list that as well. If you are returning to school after some time away, list the institutions from which you had prior learning.
  • Your background

    The sections below are so that we may find a scholarship best suited for you. Answer in as much, or as little detail as you find appropriate. Everything is read by our team and the more information you give us the better!
  • Please include position title and a brief description of your duties. You can list as many jobs as you'd like, again the more information the better.
  • Please list any community service you have previously been involved in, or currently are involved in. This includes anything within your high school and local systems.
  • Please list any EMCC or other college community service initiatives you are/were involved in.
  • Please share your future educational goals and aspirations.
  • Please list any and all high school, college, or community honors, awards, and recognition you have received.
  • Please attach a PDF*** file of an essay in which you should describe yourself to the Foundation. In this essay you should describe your financial need, your demonstration of character, and any notable life experiences that may have brought you to EMCC or to college. If you do not have an essay to attach at this time, please submit your application without one and email ASAP to let her know you will have one emailed in a timely fashion so your application can be fully processed. ***PDF's are preferred, Word Documents and Pages files tend to have more complications. To avoid this, please save your doc as a PDF.