Adult Learners

Whether you are advancing your career, or just want to develop a new skill or career path, EMCC has plenty of flexible options for an Adult Learner. Do you have a full time job? EMCC offers evening classes. A family? Online classes are also available. We recognize that an Adult Learner faces challenges in returning to school that students right out of high school do not. At Eastern Maine Community College, we try to help you balance work, home, and your academic life.

Getting Started

  • First, you’ll need to apply to EMCC. You can do that by clicking here.
  • If you are only taking a couple of classes and not coming full time, you do not need to apply, but you should contact the Admissions Office.
  • If you need assistance with financial aid, please contact our Financial Aid Office and one of the advisors can assist you.

Getting Here

Getting Your Education

As an Adult Learner, we realize that you may be unfamiliar with the college environment because this is either your first time, or you have taken some time away. Each office on campus is set up to help you along the way. The following emails will help you in your educational journey:

If you have any other questions contact Brian Loring, College and Career Success Coordinator – Eastern Maine Community College / Bangor Adult Education. Call 207-974-4674, email or stop by his office in room 146, Maine Hall.