Whether you are looking to transfer within the Community College system, transfer in, or transfer out, Eastern Maine Community College wants to make the process as easy as possible.


Transferring credits between Maine’s Community Colleges

This Course Equivalency Matrix provides a quick reference guide for students who are interested in transferring general education course credits from one Maine community college to another.  Although the chart is updated on a regular basis, students are encouraged to confirm the information with the school to which they wish to transfer their credits.


Transferring Credits to EMCC

Click here to find out more about transferring credits to EMCC


Transferring Credits to the University of Maine System

EMCC students who plan to transfer to one of the University of Maine Systems campuses are strongly encouraged to seek transfer advising as early as their first semester. Early advising helps students plan course that will maximize transfer credits towards their next degree program. Although program requirements and course equivalencies are subject to change, you can learn more about transfer opportunities at the University of Maine System and review their Transfer Guides here:

Exploring Transfer at Vassar College

How to Transfer

Please also see the Maine Community College System’s How to Transfer Guide which includes information on transferring credits in, transferring credits out, and reverse credit transfers.

For more information on reverse credit transfers visit the Maine Community College System’s Reverse Credit Transfer Page and click the links below for more information.



Reverse Credit Transfer FAQ

Reverse Credit Transfer Form