Mission & Vision

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Mission Statement

Eastern Maine Community College provides the highest quality post-secondary technical, career, and transfer education, while serving as a community and economic development resource.

June 11, 2020


Eastern Maine Community College will provide transformative educational experiences for students through creating learning environments featuring current, innovative, and relevant practices and instruction that are learner-centered and prepare them to navigate in a readily changing world.

We will be a highly respected and known community partner in our region and the state recognized for being innovative, creative and focused on delivering highly educated and competent students with the ability and mindset to be responsible global citizens who make positive contributions to society.

September 28, 2020

EMCC Planning Timeline

In the interest of open and transparent communication with our internal and external community, our Planning Timeline serves as a way for our national, state, and college-level documents to be available for reference and to show progress in striving to meet the expectations we set in our mission and vision.