Mission & Vision

Mission Statement

Eastern Maine Community College’s mission is to serve as a dynamic educational institution that empowers learners to meet their personal and professional goals, and to collaborate with our business and community partners to support their growth and success. 

Values & Guiding Principles 

Value: Educational Excellence 

  • Principle: We develop and deliver high quality educational experiences that are relevant and responsive 
  • Principle: We offer educational pathways that provide value to our learners, industry partners and communities 
  • Principle: We foster lifelong learning 

Value: Respect for All 

  • Principle: We provide opportunities that are equitable 
  • Principle: We encourage diverse perspectives 
  • Principle: We treat others with empathy 

Value: Honesty & Integrity 

  • Principle: We act with altruism, transparency, and compassion 
  • Principle: We strive for fiscal responsibility and environmental sustainability in all aspects of our operations 

Value: Collaboration 

  • Principle: We work collaboratively with our community partners to create opportunities for current and future generations 
  • Principle: We work collaboratively with other institutions of higher education to create meaningful transfer pathways 
  • Principle: We work collaboratively with our industry partners to continually adapt our programs to meet the needs of a changing economy 

November 16, 2022


 We will inspire all our learners to become skilled individuals who thrive in their careers and have a positive impact on their communities, the workforce, and society. 

November 17, 2022

EMCC Planning Timeline

In the interest of open and transparent communication with our internal and external community, our Planning Timeline serves as a way for our national, state, and college-level documents to be available for reference and to show progress in striving to meet the expectations we set in our mission and vision.