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You Can Make a Difference with the Eastern Maine Community College Foundation

The Eastern Maine Community College Foundation supports the students, programs, equipment, and facilities of EMCC.

Our generous and forward thinking donors allow us to invest in the latest technology, equipment, and improvements leading to student success and, ultimately to the economic stability of this region. We are governed by an energetic volunteer board of directors who guide our activities and offer their expert advice.

EMCC Foundation is a registered non-profit and in good standing as a 503c nonprofit.


Giving Opportunities

There are many ways to give!

We will work with supporters to arrange convenient and meaningful methods of giving. Each giving opportunity provides a lasting benefit in helping students realize their career and educational dreams and strengthening our region’s workforce and community.


The average cost of attendance (tuition and fees) at EMCC is $3,500 per year plus room, board, books, tools, clinical fees, and supplies. Although the cost of attendance at EMCC is much lower than other Maine colleges and universities, this cost creates a burden for students striving to achieve a post-secondary education.

Scholarships support is often crucial to student success. Generally, scholarships help reduce the financial burden of college tuition. Some scholarships may be used to purchase necessary books and tools, enabling the recipient to come to class fully prepared and ready to learn.

The EMCC Foundation will work with scholarship founders to establish the scholarship name, award amount and criteria for recipient selection. Scholarships are often based on academic merit, program of study, financial need, and/or enrollment status.  Deadline for Fall scholarship awards is June 1 of every year.  Don’t wait!

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Equipment Donations

The Community and Business Partnership Program is an outreach program to establish to develop partnerships with business and community organizations. These relationships allow for capital equipment and financial donations for specific academic programs.

Specific in-kind donations of program equipment and technological resources are accepted. These gifts enable students to experience “real world” scenarios in preparation for entering the workforce with skill and confidence.

Planned Giving

Planned giving offers many benefits to donors. Contributions may be tailored to meet your goals and objectives. Bequeathed gifts ensure that students will be supported in the future without affecting your assets now.

Scholarship Application

By filling out this form you are submitting an application for any scholarships the EMCC Foundation may have available. If you have any questions, please contact
  • From either previous colleges, CTEs or high school
  • If you just graduated high school, list the name of that. If you also took classes at a CTE school, list that as well. If you are returning to school after some time away, list the institutions from which you had prior learning.
  • Your background

    The sections below are so that we may find a scholarship best suited for you. Answer in as much, or as little detail as you find appropriate. Everything is read by our team and the more information you give us the better!
  • Please include position title and a brief description of your duties. You can list as many jobs as you'd like, again the more information the better.
  • Please list any community service you have previously been involved in, or currently are involved in. This includes anything within your high school, EMCC and local systems.
  • Some EMCC Foundation scholarships require an essay on why you picked this program and this college. This essay will promote your application!
  • Please share your future educational goals and aspirations.
  • Please list any and all high school, college, or community honors, awards, and recognition you have received.

Foundation Leadership

Ed Marsh – Board Chair

June Kontio
Metlife Insurance Agency

Liz Russell, President
Eastern Maine Community College

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Versant Power

MyMy Ngyen, Treasurer
Bar Harbor Bank & Trust

Kathleen Shane

John Tilton, Wealth Manager
Northeast Planning Associates

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Hannah Young, Executive Director
EMCC Foundation

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