We invite all newly admitted students to register for a New Student Orientation (NSO)! Orientations are helpful for everything from learning more about EMCC to designing your course schedule with a staff member to verifying your financial aid package! New students should note that schedules are prepared at orientation, so if you don’t attend, we won’t have a schedule set up for you! You can sign up at www.emcc.edu/NSO, or give our Student Life staff a call at 207-974-4690 for assistance in registering for your Orientation!

Our campus offices are open – please stop by campus if you are dealing with any issues that you would like assistance resolving! We are always happy to help.

What Our Students Say About Our Orientations:

“I loved getting to getting to sit down with an advisor to make sure my schedule worked around my life!”

“I really enjoyed getting to know people at orientation.”

“I found the housing staff to be very helpful, I was able to apply and get most everything done right away!”

“I liked being about to get all the answers I needed after attending workshops. I also really liked being able to meet with staff individually in their offices and have their full attention. You don’t get that everywhere.”

“Orientation was so easy to follow along with! Everyone was very detailed in what they explained.”

“The best part of New Student Orientation was meeting my roommate!”

Online Orientation was the only option that works for me! How do I complete that?

Can’t make it to campus? Check out the video below where one of our Peer Mentors, Daniel, and our Student Navigator, Brian Welsh, walk you through an online guide.


Questions? Need more info? Please contact the Student Life Office at life@emcc.edu or 207-974-4690.