Nursing Applicant

Applications for EMCC’s associate in science in Nursing (Registered Nurse) are accepted on a rolling basis throughout the year.

All supporting transcripts and immunization records must be received prior to file review.

Applicants are strongly encouraged to submit applications as soon as practical to ensure sufficient time to complete the admission process as seats are filled on a first-come, first-served basis as qualified applicants complete all program prerequisites and meet established enrollment criteria (see “Selection Process” described below).

How to Apply

The following must be submitted to the Admissions Office prior to file review:

  • Completed Application for Admission. Apply online here. Applications for EMCC’s Nursing program are accepted for fall term, unless otherwise noted.
  • All previous educational transcripts (high school, adult education, and college).
    • Regardless of whether transfer credit is being sought, applicants must disclose all prior colleges attended. Failure to furnish all information on past education may constitute adequate reason for disqualification of your acceptance or subsequent dismissal from the College as well as possible retraction or denial of financial aid funds.
  • Immunization records (including, but not limited to: two doses of MMR, one dose of tetanus within the last 10 years, Covid-19 vaccination AND booster if eligible, and flu. Additional immunizations may be needed upon acceptance to the Nursing program.)
  • Candidates who have completed application requirements and have met all program prerequisites will be invited to attend an information session with Nursing faculty (to be held in-person). Attendance at a session is required prior to receiving a final decision. Candidates should plan on a two hour visit to campus. Prior to the 60 minute information session, a timed writing prompt will be administered to candidates in order to assess their ability to think critically, recognize the role of a nurse in society, and problem solve. The candidate will be randomly assigned one of four prompts and will be asked to write a basic five-part essay on the assigned topic; using a computer to type and format. The essay must be completed within 50 minutes and will be scored based on a scale of 1 to 4 in five categories (Total of 20 points). Reference materials such as the internet, dictionary, and cell phones are not permitted. A copy of the scoring rubric will be provided with the candidate’s assigned topic on the day of the assessment. Program faculty assess the essay and assign the score; which will be considered as part of the candidate’s application.

All applicants to Nursing who are offered admission to the program will be required to submit to a national criminal background screening process at their expense after the offer of acceptance. For more complete details regarding this requirement please see Criminal Background Screening. If after reading this information you have any questions or concerns, please contact Stacy Green, Director of Admissions, at or 207-974-4679.

Program Prerequisites

To be considered for admission, all prerequisites must be successfully completed prior to file review. Applications for students currently enrolled in prerequisite courses will not be reviewed for admission until a final grade is received.  Applicants who have not completed program prerequisites or who are not currently enrolled in the below-mentioned courses at the time of their application, will not be considered for admission to Nursing. (Updated transcripts for courses taken at institutions other than EMCC are required upon course completion in this case.) The prerequisites (high school equivalent unless otherwise noted) required for admission to EMCC’s Nursing Program are:

  • Algebra I
  • Biology with Lab
  • Transferable college-level Anatomy and Physiology I with Lab (EMCC’s BIO127)*^
  • Transferable college-level College Composition (EMCC’s ENG101)*^
  • NRG101-Math for Nurses* (This course is offered at EMCC online synchronously and can be taken at a distance. While little is accepted in transfer for this course, a challenge exam is available.)
  • “Desired”  but not required academic courses relevant to the Nursing curriculum, including:
    • Transferable college-level Anatomy and Physiology II with Lab (EMCC’s BIO128^)
    • Transferable college-level Pharmacology (EMCC’s BIO251^)
    • Transferable college-level Pathophysiology (EMCC’s BIO222^)

*A limited number of 3-year slots (extended program) are available each year to current high school students who have not yet had the opportunity to complete college-level Anatomy and Physiology I with Lab, College Composition, or Math for Nurses.  Candidates for the extended program must meet all other admission criteria. See an admissions counselor for clarification.

^Individuals who feel they have transferable credit for any of the college-level prerequisites listed above are urged to confirm course transferability with the Director of Admissions prior to submitting an application for admission to the Nursing program. Note that math and science courses more than ten years old at the time of application likely will not transfer and that math courses that may even be at a higher level than NRG101 may not substitute for that prerequisite. 

*It is the responsibility of the applicant to have the final grades from prerequisite courses taken through adult education or at another college mailed to the Admissions Office. (In determining whether an application is “complete” and ready to be reviewed by the Admissions Committee, adult education transcripts are not considered if admission personnel are not aware that you are currently enrolled in these courses.) Applicants are strongly encouraged to follow up and ensure that all materials have arrived for your file. Additionally, if you are currently enrolled in prerequisite courses and/or Nursing general education courses, make sure the Admissions Committee is aware of the course name, location, and anticipated completion date.

Pre-Entrance Exam Information

EMCC is pleased to announce that beginning with applications submitted on or after 9/1/21, we will no longer require a pre-admission exam as part of the application process for our Nursing program!

Selection Process

The selection process used for the Nursing program involves an objective assessment of each applicant’s academic history including prerequisite and college-level coursework. To be seriously considered, applicants must:

  • Earn a cumulative 3.0 GPA in ALL prior college-level coursework, if any.
  • Earn a 3.4 GPA in the three college-level prerequisites as well as any general education course required of EMCC’s Nursing program which the applicant has completed; either when taken at EMCC or transferred in. (Not required for applicants to the extended track.)
  • Earn a competitive score on the timed writing prompt.

Personal interviews are not used as part of the selection criteria; therefore, requesting a personal meeting with the Director of Nursing will not have a positive or negative influence on the selection process.

Primary Contacts for Admission Questions

The Admissions Committee respectfully requests that all questions concerning the nursing admission process and transfer credit be directed as follows (e-mail preferred in all instances):

  • Application Documentation Received
    • Refer to the MyEMCC student portal to monitor receipt of required documentation.
  • Selection Process Questions (Stacy Green, Director of Admissions)
  • Transfer Credit Questions (Elizabeth Castro, Transfer Coordinator)